Monday, March 2, 2009

Deep Freeze

March 2nd
Here in Southern Ontario we have been in a deep freeze for 4 days. I'm so tired of it. I decided a thermometer picture was in order. It was minus 18 when I took this picture tonight but the temperature is dropping.


Mar 1st

On our way back home David and I stopped at Bass Pro Shop. Wow, I have never seen anything like this before. It has an amazing entrance with carved wooden bears holding the sign. All along the outside wall are deer and animals that look so real with a backdrop of painted forest.
There is a pond with waterfall and live fish (BIG FISH) in it. Then you get inside and there is a huge aquarium with all kinds of fish. It's like it's built into a mountain with openings where you look in. The store itself carries everything outside you could ever want. Amazing and Fun.

Kite Gliding

Feb 28th
David and I went up north to Keswick to stay at his brother's place. We were amazed that the lake (Lake Superior) was still covered in ice. There were all kinds of ice fishing huts out on the lake. What really caught my attention however, are these kites. They go out on the ice and the kites glide them along. It's so cool.

I want to win

Feb 27th
This is solitaire on my ipod. My friends and I have contests to see who can win the game the fastest. I think my timer is broken because I never come out on top :). It's also great to play while waiting for appointments. I don't know how I got along without my ipod.

Scrapbook Help

Feb 26th
These are some of the books I use for layout ideas and inspiration.

Where's Santa?

Feb 25th
I was coming home from shopping and spotted these reindeer. I looked for Santa but he was nowhere to be found. I guess their farmed out. Ha, ha!

The Sight Goes First

Feb 24th
I had always had perfect vision so you can imagine my surprise when I started having problems reading. I had heard when you hit a "certain" age your eye sight begins to go but I sure didn't think it would happen to me. You can't outrun fate, LOL.

Stamps as Art

Feb 23rd
I have so many rubber stamps I figured some would have to be displayed on my wall. I got these great wall display cases and figured it's perfect for my stamps.

Trains, Will they have a Future?

Feb 22nd
I have always loved trains. I think riding them is fun and relaxing. I was very upset when they downsized them. I almost cried when the caboose was deemed unnecessary. I wonder what the future of these wonderful machines will be.

Pretty but cold

Feb 21st
I just like this picture.

Goodbye, socks!

Feb 20th
I went to put my favourite socks on this morning and they had a hole in them. I love AC/DC and am thankful I got to at least wear my socks to the concert. Yes, I am a wee bit crazy; LOL!

Feb 19th

Coke is the pop of choice around here (as my waistline can attest to). This sign says it all.