Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31st HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Woohoo!  I did it!  My 2009 Project 365 is complete. I knew when I started that I would complete it. At times I had trouble blogging but never missed a picture. Who knew it could be so challenging to take a picture.  I look back with pride at many of my photo choices. I started this project on January 1st, 2009 with a picture of David and I and Jackie (the "poodle" ) and decided that was how I should end it. So without further ado, my final photo.

Happy New Year everyone who took this journey with me. I wish you all a very happy, prosperous, 2010.

Dec 30th Love to Read, Love my Reader!

As an avid reader I was ecstatic to receive this Sony Reader for Christmas .  I have to tell you it is awesome!  It doesn't tire my eyes and its so convenient. The battery lasts for about 2 weeks.   I even downloaded the cricut pdf files in it!  Love, love, love it.

Dec 29th A little Wine!

I enjoy a glass of red wine and these are some of my favourites.  Yes, I have been into the one, LOL.

Dec 28th Carts are shelved

I linked my new carts to my Gypsy and when I was putting them away I realized that I don't really use the original carts anymore. Here they all are and the solutionns carts are standing in front. Couldn't do without any of them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dec 27th The Big Day is Gone!

Christmas day has come and gone. We are sitting here watching the new TV and looking at the few scattered presents left under the lit Christmas tree. I loved the quiet day we had today. Tomorrow brings more company and holiday greetings but today was rejuvenating.

Dec 26th Domino Game and Visitors

This morning we went shopping for the big boxing day sales. Later Gail, Jessy, Sam and I sat down for our traditional Domino game.  Jessy won by a long shot.  Anyway while we were playing I had a surprise visit. 
Marcia (from the message board, CanadianBug) and her mother dropped in for a quick visit.  It was wonderful to see them. I did forget to get a picture of them.

Dec 25th Merry Christmas Day!

We all had a wonderful Christmas.  Their was lots of family, friends and laughter and presents. Although we didn't get to spend time with my son and his family we did get to wish them a Merry Christmas. As usual there are so many photos taken it was hard to choose just one.  I like this one of Tamara, David and our friends.

Dec 24th More Christmas Decorations

This is such a beautiful Gingerbread house when the candle lights it up.

Dec 23rd I Love Candy!

This cute little gingerbread sings "I love candy" while wiggling and his red cheeks light up.

Dec 22nd Olympic Flame Arrives

The Olympic Flame is being carried across Canada for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The flame is from the original torch that was lit in Greece.  It went through Paris early this morning. It was very cold but it's great to capture a bit of history in the making.


Dec 21st Happy Birthday, Tamara

Today is my daughters birthday. We chatted on the phone but didn't get to be together.
This is my little holographic tree.  Tamara and I  love it.  It changes colours constantly. So pretty.

Dec 20th Weird Santa Items

I was at the mall today and went by the Santa Display. It had weird animals like foxes laying around, and this groundhog popped in and out of the log.  Never saw anything like that in a Santa display before.

Dec 19th Blast from the Past

David and I were out Christmas shopping when we stopped for dinner at "Wimpy's". All the booths had these old table top jukeboxes and they worked!

Dec 18th The NUTCRAKER

 I love these Nutcrackers. I only have this small one.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 17th Where's the Snow

Last year we had a ton of snow by now. It was beautiful and created a wonderful holiday spirit. The lack of snow now puts a real damper on the holiday spirit. Where's the snow! I want more snow!

Dec 16th

Jim is painting the body of yet another tractor. I don't know how he can stand the fumes with such a flimsy mask.

Dec 15th Camera Disaster!

I freaked out today when my camera fell off the counter. When I picked it up the lens wouldn't focus. I took it into the shop and it's toast. It cost as much to get a new lens as it does to get this one fixed. It's a good thing I still have my zoom lens. It will be fun Christmas day, I'll have to take the family picture from another room, LOL!

Dec 14th Molly Got Very Lucky

Molly was running across the road and ran right into the side of a car. She was very, very lucky she didn't break anything. She was bruised up and had a cut on her paw. We are all so thankful she wasn't hurt bad.

Dec 13th Poor Lonely Decoration.

This is the only Christmas decoration I have out and that's only because my friend gave it to me. I think I'd better pull  out the decorations or the season will be over.

Dec 12th She's just so cute.

Jackie always looks so cute sitting on her hip like a queen bee.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 11th More Animal Crossing

Today I had coffee with Lynne (it's great catching up for free :)) on Animal Crossing. I am sure having trouble getting POTD lately.

Dec 10th Look Up

Today we were supposed to get a winter storm but it missed us. It was however very windy and cold. This is a picture of the Catholic church steeple.  We have a lot of beautiful churches in Paris.

Dec9th Animal Crossing is Back

I was playing Animal Crossing today (winter's back, lol) fixing my houses up for Christmas. It's so much easier on the game than in real life. This is my royal castle room decorated for the holidays.

Dec 8th A Little Over the Top

We were coming home from town when I spotted this home.  There were so many decorations I couldn't even get them all in the frame.  These people have an abundance of Holiday Spirit.

Dec 7th Homemade Card Box

I made this for an order of cards. I got the instructions from UTube but can't remember who did it.

Dec 6th Tis the season

This a picture of Kitchener Hospital.

Dec 5th My Farmer

I just love this picture.

Dec, 4 Beauty still

 While wandering around outside with the dog, I picked this leaf up. It looked just dead on the ground but held up to the light it's beauty showed through.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 3rd. I made a card!

Today, I actually made a card.  I love this little stamp and decided I could make this with my E.  Well, here it is, I think it turned out not bad.

Dec 2nd Canadian Holiday Train

Each December, Canadian Pacific's Holiday Train travels to 100's of communities across Canada and the USA to raise food, money, and awareness for local food banks. It is illuminated by hundreds of thousands of festive lights and has wonderful entertainment at each stop.
This year the Holiday was stopping in Ayr (about 20 min. away from us) and I couldn't wait to see it.
It was a rainy night but worth getting wet. I loved it.

David took a picture of me on the engine. Cool eh!

Dec 1st A Losing I will do.

I always try to lose weight AFTER Christmas.  Well this year I decided to start now and hopefully I at least won't put weight on during the holidays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nov 30th Sweet Friends

It's fantastic spending time with my American friends. Bev, Marsha, Kathy and I had a blast. We also saw Connie (at her store, which is great) but I forgot to get a picture. I am so grateful for the Cricut because that is how I met all these wonderful friends.

Nov. 29th A Foggy Day

David and I drove to up north today and on the way we stopped in Stratford. It was a foggy morning but I just loved this view.

Nov 28th Page for 365

The ladies of Project 365 on the cricut message board thought it would be a good idea for a feriendship book. Everyone is so supportive and wonderful. We each did a page and it had to have our picture on it.  I'm not very inspired lately and so my page is rather simple.

Nov 27th Grrrrr . . .

I am so angry with this tape gun.  This is the second cartridge I have used and it hasn't threaded right yet.

Nov 26th A little Drama

This is was a purchase I just couldn't resist.  Love it.

Nov 25 Signs of the coming Season

This is a sure sign of Christmas coming.  It's good to know real trees are still being used.