Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31st Another month is gone.

I can't believe May is over already. It is cold and sunny today so I was surprised to see this honey bee. I had quite a time capturing him, LOL.

May 30Th

While driving down the road I spotted this beauty. You don't see a Peacock around here very often. I was hoping he would fluff his tail feathers (hm, is that what you call it?) I love finding random images of beauty; it makes my day.

May 29th

We had a beautiful day today until about 5 pm. All of a sudden the sky darkened and the rain began. About an hour later it was all over and when I went out I saw the most beautiful rainbows. They were huge! There was actually a double rainbow but I just couldn't capture them both.

May 28th

I find myself being drawn to this tree every day. It amazes me that the trunk can have these huge holes in it and yet the tree continues to provide a large umbrella of shade year after year.
I had to make a collage as one picture just was'nt going to do it.

May 27th

I look forward to drinking in the beauty of these irises every year. My morning coffee is enjoyed more in their company.

May 26th

Tomatoes were planted in the rain but I forgot to take a picture so I snapped this one of, who else, Jackie.

May 25th

Kitty enjoying the sunshine.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It is so hot out Jackie is getting her bath outside. David is doing it so she can be mad at him, lol.

May 23rd

That beautiful dandelion has turned into a beautiful, mean seeding machine!

May 22nd

I was trying new settings on my camera when I took this shot. It's not the best but believe me it's better than the rest of the shots, lol.

May 21st

It's wonderful to smell the lilacs in the air. These light purple ones are my favourites.

May 20th

My Just rite stamps.

May 19th

OK, I have to get these old disc films developed. I have no idea what's on them. The camera actually still has film in it but we are afraid to take a picture with it.

May 18th

Tamara creates!
My daughter Tamara made her first ever cards. As you can see she wasn't enthusiastic about having her picture taken. :)

May 17th My Birthday

May 17
Another year flushed away! I had a good day but I felt unsatisfied with what I did during that year. Next year will be better, I'm sure. At least I'll have this project to look back and feel I accomplished something.

May 12 - 16th

May 11th
The plants are almost ready to put in the field.

May 12th
It's turkey hunting time.

May 13th
This is our neighbour, Nancy, with her two minature donkeys. They are so cute.

May 14th
I was feeling nostalgic and just had to watch one of my favourite movies. I also have the 25th anniversary gold cd.

May 15th
There are lots of dandelions around now that you can't use weed killer on your lawns. I always liked them. I don't think God made weeds, man decided that.

May 16th
I think I have enough Prima flowers to last me awhile.

May 1st - 10th

May 1st

May 2nd
The drive in opened, that's a sure sign of spring.
Their are only a couple left in Ontario and I'm glad one is near me. It's still fun to go to the
drive- in and snuggle with your sweetie while eating popcorn and watching a movie.

May 3rd
The bunny, finally gets to eat out.

May 4th
I love blossoms. Spring has sprung.

May 5th
Hydro meter

May 6th
It's always sad to find an egg that has fallen from the nest. It is beautiful though.

May 7th
Tip toe through the tulips. LOL, I always think of that song when I see tulips.

May 8th
Cool train car. I like trains.

May 9th
A picture of my window after I played with it in Photoshop Elements.

May 10 - Mother's Day
I got a new cell phone. It has a full keypad so now I can text and they will actually know what I'm saying. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April 26th - April 30th

April 26th
The turret at the front of the house.

April 27th
I tried to get this picture for days. I sat on the gator for over an hour waiting and hoping the noisy little Woodpecker would show himself. Well the wait was worth it.

April 28th
My friend and I went to the Lakehouse for lunch. It was fun and the view was wonderful.

April 29th
The asparagus is mouth watering good.

April 30th
I have now included weights in my workouts.

April 19th - 25th

April 19th EASTER
My daughter, Tamara gave me this beautiful plant for Easter.

April 20th
David and Jackie. I love this picture.

April 21st
These antique tools are displayed on the side of the house.

April 22nd
Molly is growing like a weed and is just to cute for words.

April 23rd
Jackie will go anywhere with David, even on the tractor.

April 24th
Another tractor to be refurbished.

April 25th
The Magnolia trees are all in bloom. They are so beautiful but don't last very long.

April 10th - 18th

April 10th
If this doesn't look like a farmer I don't know who does. LOL

April 11th
My workout ball. I do my ab workouts on it in order to save my back.

April 12th
These shoe trees pop up all over. This one was cleared off by the county workers and a month later it's back. I find them quite amusing.

April 13th
Me and my shadow.

April 14th
Ebony and Ivory. Jackie and Molly are getting along well.

April 15th
Amanda's 18th birthday. Here she is with her birthday present.

April 16th
Dixie and Jackie having a run.

April 17th
Canadian Geese

April 18th
There was a lot of beer drank at Scott's 30th birthday party. There was a pig roast held here hosted by his wife.