Wednesday, May 6, 2009

March 8th - 14th

March 8th
I'm trying to exercise again as summer is getting closer and I still haven't got fit. I didn't say lose weight because my brain just shuts down at that thought.

March 9th
The guys are planting the vegetable seeds now. The greenhouse looks so great when all those plants start growing.

March 10th
Sawing logs.

March 11th
Every year the old dead Asparagus is burnt down in preparation for the new growth.

March 12th
We had Chinese food for dinner and these are my favourite dishes.

March 13th
Cleaning up the brush and burning it is a sure sign of spring around here.

March 14th
The area where I live has a lot of Artesian wells. The water is fantastic! However due to changes in attitudes and insurance many of the open to the public wells have been closed off. This is one of the last ones around.

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jandokan said...

I can't wait to see all those fantastic things in person
(I know that I can't see the March things in August :P:P)

Hugs Anja
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