Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st Anja is Combining and the Hawk

am posting two pictures today because I couldn't choose just one. The first one is Anja riding in the combine harvesting the wheat she was checking yesterday.

This picture is of a hawk with his dinner.

July 30th ANJA IS HERE

Anja arrived in Canada this morning and we have her out testing the wheat already!

July 29th

David's cousin is fixing up an old truck. I think it looks kind of artistic.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27th

I have been doing lots and lots of furniture moving and organizing but today it got to me. My back was killing me and so I got out my Dr. Ho massager to take the stiffness away. I have to be mobile when Anja gets here!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26th

More rain today with a few moments of "pop up sunshine". I hate lightning but I really wanted to capture a photo of some. I pointed the camera at the sky and just held the button down. I had to take 364 pictures to get 2 lightning pictures. Now you know why David thinks I'm crazy, LOL.

July 25th It's Wet out There!

David is carrying Jackie in from the rain. Yes, we had another "pop up rainstorm" today. Who came up with that saying? Last night it said we might get "pop up sunshine tomorrow" :)

July 19th to July 24th

July 24th David is busy making post holes for the new building.
July 23rd CN rail is threatening to go on strike tomorrow. It's a good thing we still have the GO trains.

July 22nd This field of poppies is just so beautiful.

July 21st Yep, this was dinner tonight.

July 20th, My glass flowers in the beautiful vase my friend Anja made me.

July 19th While over at the pond looking for a frog I saw this snake napping in the sun. Let me tell you I was out of there in a hurry!


We went to a Hamilton Tigercat football game today. It had been a long time since I'd been to one. What a blast! The best part ofcourse is they WON!!!!!

July 17th Another blast from the past

I think I owned every type of camera that has been produced in my lifetime. I was cleaning out some old boxes and found my Polaroid. I never liked the pictures that came out of these.

July 16th Baby's in the Ground

The ground sparrows (I think that's who they are) make their nests in the fields. We happened to come across these ones while out walking.

July 15th Jackie on the Run

Jackie chasing a golf ball.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 14th

We were sitting on the hill watching this deer meander around the wheat field. The picture isn't great as she was a long way off.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 13th Worth a Thousand Words

The picture says it all.
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July 12th I Can't Believe my Eyes!

On the way to the trailer today we passed this humongous chicken! It is in the front yard of a gorgeous country home. I don't know why but it sure grabs your attention.
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July 11th Another Chore

I wonder if in the future everyone will have a robot to do the vacuuming. Lucky them if they do.
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July 10th Shake it Up Baby

This is my new Wave Vibration Machine. A trainer came today and showed me how to get a good workout inspite of my physical limitations. It looks easy but believe me in 15 minutes you know you worked out.

July 9th Berry Hunt

We were on the hunt for black raspberries when I snapped this.

July 8th Pink is It

I love lillies and this beautiful pink ones is my favourite.
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July 7th Swining in the Breeze

Clotheslines immediately bring the scent of fresh dried clothes to mind. It's like smelling the wind and air.
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July 6th It's not red

Tractors around here are mostly red. We had to settle for the green one in this though.
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July 5th Pink Chairs in Summer

They are back and still oh so pretty!

July 4th All that Scrap

The scrap bin is full and ready to go.

July 3rd Molly Gets a Pool

and loves it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 2nd

A couple of trees along the driveway had to be cut down.

Canada Day

July 1st

We went to a party and celebrated Canada's Birthday. It was a hoot.

June 25th - June 30rd

Here we go the last few days of June.

David's looking for potato bugs. June 25th

I just like this look when going down the lane. June 26

I have to write everything down or I forget. Sucks getting old. June 27

I am finally reading the Twilight series. Great books. June 28

It's hard to believe it was sunny not to long before the rain. A few minutes later it was sunny again. June 29

I made these four thank you cards for a friend to send to Europe. June 30