Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28th Very Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day. Anja was.nt feeling well and my arthritis was hurting real bad. The weather was cold and damp. I did make a set of ATC's for the swap I'm in. It is also the only picture I took today.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26th Anja's Gift

Today we went to Woodstock, ON to the scrapbooking store. As usual I spent too much but what the heck. This is Anja when she got her present from me. She was happy to get A child's Life. I can't wait to play with hers, LOL. We then went to dinner with my friend Deb. We went to the Lakehouse for dinner. It was a very good meal and great fun.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 25th Niagara Falls

Anja, Heather and I went to Niagara Falls. It was a blast and very tiring. I was trying to capture the lights on the falls and most of the pictures were really awful. This is the best one of the lot and I'm kind of pleased with it.

August 24th New Machine

Today a farm machine I had never seen before showed up. It mulches the straw so it can be worked into the ground. We had so much rain this year the straw didn't get bailed and now it's no good.

August 23rd Quiet Sunday

Today Anja, David and I went to the Flea Market in our area. It of course rained. After the flea market we went to Red Lobster for dinner. I ate way too much as usual. It was kind of a nice quiet Sunday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 21st Anja and the Pickle Tree

Every year pickles are made under this tree. We started calling it the pickle tree. Cucumbers are chosen by their size and added to large (new) garbage can along with the other pickle incgredients (I don't know what they are as I HATE pickles, lol). The can of pickles is place inside an old cut off plastic barrel and cold water from the well continuously runs to keep the pickles cold. When they are ready a few jars are canned as people request them. But they are mostly just picked out of the barrel and eaten.

Anja got to try the pickles today. She approves.

August 20th Marsha in Marysville

Our final stop in the U.S.A. was to visit Marsha. Marsha organized the swarm last year where I had so much fun. Unfortunately shortly after that she became very ill. Marsha is much better now (but not back to 100%) and we really enjoyed our short visit with her.

I was so happy that Anja had a chance to meet her.

August 19th Truck of Honour

On our way back to Bev's we saw this "Truck of Honour" and stopped for pictures. This truck travels all over the U.S.A. to participate in parades. It is a memorial to all who were killed in 9/11 as well as the veterans in the wars. I found it very moving. I choose two pictures for today. The first one is a view of the whole truck (as much as I could get in).

This picture makes me feel like I'm right in the painting.

It was a busy day. We went with Bev and her sister and grandchildren to a huge outfitters store. When Shazza was went to this store she called it the "dead zoo". It is full of stuffed animals and great to see. I have about 200 pictures to scrapbook of this day only.

August 18th Golden Safe

Anja was in the bank yesterday and took a great picture of this safe. Well when I had to go to the bank and change my money I couldn't resist also taking a picture. It was so beautiful. I have never seen a bank vault like it. The vaults in our banks are cold gray ugly things.

August 17th Stone Church

We were in a town called Tecumseh when I spotted this beautiful old stone Church. I love stone buildings. My picture is of the church (which is now a museum) but have also posted a picture of the plaque that was at the door.

August 16th Here we come U.S.A.

Today, Anja and I left following Bev to the U.S.A. I couldn't post while down there so it's catch up time. Here we are just entering Michigan on the Blue Water Bridge (I love that bridge). I have to tell you Anja and I had to go to the customs because Anja was from Netherlands. The customs people were awful. Very rude and mean. I was only in there because I was driving so I feel sorry for the ones that get the interviews. Other than that experience though we had a fantastic time.

August 15 French Fries

Today we had a small family reunion on David's side of the family. Anja, Bev and some friends of ours had a great time. There was as usual lots of food. We make our own french fries and they are delicious.

Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14th Port Dover

Today, Anja, Bev and Alma went to Port Dover for the day. The beach was packed; I guess everyone wanted to get out and enjoy one of our few summer days today. While looking in one of the shops I took this picture of Alma and I in this mirror. You can just see Bev behind us. Who would have thought it would turn out. It was a fun day.

August 13th Covered Bridge

This is the last covered bridge in Ontario. We went to the Elora Gorge and St. Jacobs and were told about this bridge. So after many people giving us directions (I am so directionally challenged) we finally found it.

August 12th Don't stop the Fire

Bev is visiting from the US and Anja from Netherlands so I captured them in a unique setting. How many pictures do you think they have of them in front of a fire, :).

August 11th Toronto Fishes

Anja and I went to Toronto today with another friend, Heather. We went to the beaches and of course it just had to pour rain. Long story short we had a good time and I took lots of pictures so choosing one was difficult. I chose this one because I loved the fishes.

August 10

Today, was a quiet day and I wandered around for ages to find my POTD. So today my picture is our ATV. I didn't even dust it off.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9th Butterflies

A friend of mine is a photographer and he held a class at the butterfly museum today. Anja and I went and had a great time taking pictures. The butterflies were so beautiful and fast. I had tried and tried to take a picture of the blue butterfly (only when his wings are open is it blue) and finally one of them settled and shot this. It's so beautiful!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8th - Garage Sign

This sign is posted on the garage. I think it was meant for me before my morning coffee! LOL

Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7th Tim Horton's Junkie

Anja is becoming hooked on our visits to Tim Horton's. Ice Cappuccino's and Blueberry Blossom Donut are her favourites. Well today I finally tried the Blueberry Blossom and WOW, it is so darn good. I think I'll be ordering them until they are gone (can only get them while blueberries are in season).

While Anja and I were in London (Ont) today we saw Tansie (Carol) at Scrappingreatdeals. It was a great surprise.

August 6th BEE AFRAID!

We were sitting outside under the lean to when Anja noticed a huge nest right above where we park our truck. At first I thought it was a hornets nest but it is actually yellow jacket bees. I freaked out! I am so allergic to them but I still had to get a picture :).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5th Look What Anja Brought Me!

Anja gave me this really cute can she made and when I opened it all these Copic markers were in it!
I couldn't believe it. Anja is also going to teach me how to use them while she is here. WooHoo!
Thank you so much Anja!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th

This is Dixie. She is very skittish and sneaky looking. This picture captures her true nature.
She is a sweetie though and we love her.

August 3rd

Anja concentrating on her card making. It is great having Anja her to inspire me and teach me new cards.

August 2nd Harvest the Wheat

It has rained a lot and David wanted to be sure the wheat was harvested so they are running both combines.

August 1st

This is Anja updating her blog.