Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 19th Truck of Honour

On our way back to Bev's we saw this "Truck of Honour" and stopped for pictures. This truck travels all over the U.S.A. to participate in parades. It is a memorial to all who were killed in 9/11 as well as the veterans in the wars. I found it very moving. I choose two pictures for today. The first one is a view of the whole truck (as much as I could get in).

This picture makes me feel like I'm right in the painting.

It was a busy day. We went with Bev and her sister and grandchildren to a huge outfitters store. When Shazza was went to this store she called it the "dead zoo". It is full of stuffed animals and great to see. I have about 200 pictures to scrapbook of this day only.


scrap4fun said...

What a great way to remember all the victims of this terrible attack.

Give Anja our regards...Fia and jose(she gives us workshops).
Wish you a great time together.

used bucket trucks said...

very nice and informative site... thanks for sharing.. keep it up..

bevb said...

These pics turned out awesome, Candace. The truck is the best tribute to 911 ever.

Denise said...


~BridgetL~ said...

what an awesome tribute.