Saturday, October 31, 2009


We get very few kids here for Halloween. I decided at the last minute to make these little treat bags to hold the candies. I know they are not terribly creative but they did the trick. :)


David's cousin and my friend, June, died on Monday. Here funeral was today. June was a wonderful lady and is missed terribly.  This is how June wanted us all to deal with her passing.  Love you June.

Oct 29th Jackie's New Coat

We bought Jackie a winter coat and had her try it on. She looks like quite the fashion queen. I'm trying to find some Uggs for her little tootsies.

Oct 28th Oink, Oink

Believe it or not this is the top of a smoker. The front has this cute little pig face on top and the back has a curly little tail. 

Oct 27th Hmmm, why do I have these?

I collect scrapbooking everything and every once in a while I think I should clean some out. Well these scissors are something I haven't used in years. I wonder, does anyone use them anymore?  All that being said I just can't let go. I feel like as soon as I give these away someone on the MB will make a real cute card or layout using a pair of these scissors and then I'll have to go buy them again. LOL!  Yep, I'm certifiably crazy!

Oct 26th Fall Beuty

I just love the colours of fall. We were at the bank in St. George when I spotted this beautiful tree. We don't have many trees left that turn this beautiful red.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct. 25th I am having a Very Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it. I got my Christmas present today. I wasn't sure about getting a Gypsy but since Provocraft had that special Michaels promo I figured it was worth it.  It's my present from David but I had to open it to register it. I think an empty box and the accessories will be the only thing under the tree. LOL!
The good thing is all my Christmas layouts will be finished just waiting for the big event.

Oct. 24th Bulletin Board Disaster

Everytime I sit down to create I am facing this messy, bulletin board. It just keeps getting more and more messy. The worst part is rather than try to clean it up (I do know everything that's on it) I just want to buy another and put it beside it.

Oct 23rd - Sick + Bored = Puzzle

I have been under the weather and not with it enough for crafting so I decided to start this puzzle I've had for about 8 years. It will be a miracle if I actually finish it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct 22nd Anja, Such a Beautiful Card!

Today I received this fantastic card from Anja.  Oh, I just love it!!  Thank you Anja for such a beautiful card and for being my friend.  I can't stop looking at it; it's so awesome.

Oct 21st What's for Breakfast

There are 5 cereals we buy all the time.  This is a picture of 4 of them (Miniwheats is missing).  Every morning, decision, decision.

Oct 20th Pretty, Pretty, Flower

This beautiful flower was in an arrangement. I just loved the colours of this flower.

Oct 19th Snail Mail

Here is a picture of our Canadian mailboxes. There used to be a lot of them around but not so much anymore. This one sits outside the St. George Post Office (another rare find, :)).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oct 18th Fall Beauty

As soon as I saw Dixie under this tree I just had to grab my camera. It was a beautiful fall day and this picture captured it beautifully.


My neighbour and friend around the corner had her husband build this Inukshuk in their yard.  It is so cool.

Oct 16th Read, Read, Read

Bathroom readers just proves reading can be enjoyed anywhere. :)

Oct 15th Smoke Kills!

David's dad smokes all the time. I guess the warning doesn't matter to some smokers. I thought I'd take a picture of this cigarette package and hopefully in the future no one will know what they look like except from old pictures.

Oct 14th It's Tissue Season

I was out for a walk this morning with the dogs when all of a sudden it started snowing. Ofcourse I didn't have my camera. Well snow usually means so cold so I figure this box of tissues was appropriate.

Oct 13 - Soy Beans

Emptying the combine into the truck for export.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct 12th Thanksgiving

I am thankful so much in my life. I need to acknowledge this more often throughout the year. I am especially thankful for humour. It gets me through life sometimes.
David woke me up with this hat on this morning. I howled!!!  He put it on again later today as I needed some cheering up. Isn't it just too funny.

Oct 11th Simcoe Fair, Lumberjack Ouch!

We had a fun day at the Simcoe Fair. It's the third largest fair in Ontario. One of our favourite shows is the lumber jacks. I snapped this shot of this poor guy when he fell during the log rolling. Yikes, that must hurt! Oh yes and the water was only 3 degrees. Brrrrrrr.

Oct 10th - My Old Music Player

I still have this stereo but never use it since I got my ipod. I should get rid of it I guess. Of course then I'd have to find something to go on the shelf.

October 9th - Oscar Baby

Oscar was getting all attitude on me today when I cleaned his cage.

Oct 8th Train cars vamped up.

Behind the Woodstock train station I saw these old train cars painted up. It looks so much better than just rusted old train cars sitting there.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct 7th Pumpkin Time

It's a crappy, semi sunny, very windy day and I knew it was pumpkin time. Everytime I see pumpkins I think of this song "Hello county bunkin; how's the frost out on the pumpkin" - that's all I know of it :)

Oct 6th Goose Crossing

It's goose hunting season but these geese don't seemed very concerned about that.  They held up traffic when about 50 of them crossed this road. I didn't mind the wait.

Oct 5th Halloween U.S. A. Style

I stayed an extra day at Bev's and while on our way shopping we saw this awesome Halloween display. I have never seen anything like it. The owners were really great and let me go through it. This is a front view but believe me there was a lot more behind.

Here is their web page if your interested in checking it out.

Oct 4th Time to Say Goodbye.

It's always sad to have to say goodbye to friends.  This is our final swarm 2009 picture. GrammaT (Mary) held an awesome swarm and we all had a fabulous time. I'm going to miss everyone.  I wish everyone was in this picture but some had already left. 

Front - Christine and Bev  
                         Back row - Karen, Jean, GrammaT (Mary) and Savannah

Oct 3rd Look What I Won!!

We had door prizes and my name was picked first.  I chose this package. When I opened it I couldn't believe it! I was so happy, I have never won a large prize before.  Thanks Karen for donating this wonderful prize.  Judy and I had a great time playing with it.  Love it, love it, love it!

Oct 2nd Some of the Swarm Girls

I am having a blast at the swarm and here are some of the ladies I have the pleasure of  "swarming" with, LOL.  Carol, Judy, Bev and Debbie.

Oct 1st Finished just in Time for Swarm

I'm off to a three day swarm at GrammaT's so had to get these ATC's finished so I could mail them in the USA. I had a hard time with this Royal/Saphire theme and ended up just doing shades of blue.

Sept 30th Potato Harvesting

It's that time of year to dig up all the potatoes and store them for the winter.  This is our potatoe digger where they are sorted as they are dug and then put into potatoe bins.  They are then sorted from the bins into the storage.

Sept 29th Walnuts Bombs

Walnuts are dropping like flies.  When you walk or drive in the driveway you have a very good chance of being pounded by one. It's a dangerous time right now :).  The squirrels however love them.

Sept 28th   Rain Gauge

Exciting stuff eh, :)

Sept 27th  ATC
I have finished another ATC theme for the swap.