Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 27th Hmmm, why do I have these?

I collect scrapbooking everything and every once in a while I think I should clean some out. Well these scissors are something I haven't used in years. I wonder, does anyone use them anymore?  All that being said I just can't let go. I feel like as soon as I give these away someone on the MB will make a real cute card or layout using a pair of these scissors and then I'll have to go buy them again. LOL!  Yep, I'm certifiably crazy!


~BridgetL~ said...

I had that exact same set and never used them and gave them to a charity. I every once in a while wish I still had them just in case.

debbieb said...

I went through the same thing...but I do have about 6 that I still use once in awhile...I had enough I could split them and give to my daughter-in-laws

jandokan said...

don't get rid of them... here they started using them again!!
I have to dig mine out (LOL)