Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April 1st - 9th

April 1st
This school bell is hanging over the original well. It came from Dundern School where David's father went.

April 2nd
The seeds have grown. I enjoy watching the plants grow and change until they are planted in the fields.

April 3rd
I have never seen a bat go in or out of this house. Let's see, I could put my hand up there and feel around. NOT!!! :).

April 4th
My niece's birthday is this month and her dad bought her this adorable puppy. This is Molly.

April 5th
I got this new blender today. I love my Margarator but I don't need a gallon of smoothies in the morning.

April 6th
Hundreds of swans land on a pond down the road from us every year. I spotted this one and snapped a picture with the camera phone (that's why it's not very clear).

April 7th
Walking in the bush scared these wild turkeys and me.

April 8th
I'm pretty sure this cardinal is wondering if winter will ever end. I know I am.

April 9th
There is always something that needs fixing.

1 comment:

jandokan said...

what a cool bell...

and that puppy... isn't she adorable... ohhh what a sweetie, I already love her :D

it must be great to have the nature that near you, love looking at your pictures :)