Wednesday, May 6, 2009

March 22nd - March 31st

March 22nd
This is our new BBQ. The girl at the store was a bit uppity. She said oh, this is only an "entry" level one. Well, I guess were "entry" level people because we like it and we liked the price, :}.

March 23rd
I love bananas and eat them as often as possible. When I became diabetic they told me not to eat them. I thought how can they be bad for me. I still eat them and my sugars are just fine.

March 24th
I just love it when the fields start getting worked up.

March 25th
Daniel Negreanu is my favourite poker stars so ofcourse I just had to have his bobble head.

March 26th
The neighbour ladies took me to my first bingo. It was fun but none of us won. I did win a BBQ set on a door prize.

March 27th
Thank goodness for satellite dishes. I would not be happy without my CSI's, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, and my new favourite, the Mentalist. There are lots more TV shows I watch but I don't want anyone to think I don't do anything else, LOL.

March 28th
David and I went to St. Jacobs. The maple sugar festival is next week but it is so crowded we decided to get our syrup today. The Menonites are a huge part of St. Jacobs so this picture was an easy choice.

March 29th
RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, and WIND, WIND, WIND! We had very heavy rain and winds today. This year we haven't had the snow since Feb so we did need the rain, just not this hard.

March 30th
Flowers anyone! This is my scrapbook flower collection. I don't think I need to buy any for awhile. LOL, but I will!

March 31st
My Wii remote. See David it is NOT permanently attached to my hand!! LOL!!!!!!

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jandokan said...

Hey... are we going to use that BBQ in August (LOL)

those pictures are teaching more and more of you... I didn't know you're diabetic

ha ha now I know why I don't have to send you anymore flowers :P:P:P