Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April 10th - 18th

April 10th
If this doesn't look like a farmer I don't know who does. LOL

April 11th
My workout ball. I do my ab workouts on it in order to save my back.

April 12th
These shoe trees pop up all over. This one was cleared off by the county workers and a month later it's back. I find them quite amusing.

April 13th
Me and my shadow.

April 14th
Ebony and Ivory. Jackie and Molly are getting along well.

April 15th
Amanda's 18th birthday. Here she is with her birthday present.

April 16th
Dixie and Jackie having a run.

April 17th
Canadian Geese

April 18th
There was a lot of beer drank at Scott's 30th birthday party. There was a pig roast held here hosted by his wife.


jandokan said...

looks great... that shoe tree (LOL)

jandokan said...

forget to say that you're shadow is looking very skinny :P:P:P