Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov 21st Energized

I woke up this morning feel very energetic and loving it.  Of course my picture had to be the king of energy.

Nov 22nd      Our Favourite Pop
 David's favourite drink is Coke and now mine is Diet Coke. It's not my favourite really  but if I want to lose weight it's my new best friend.


~BridgetL~ said...

Love the Energizer bunny, send me some of your energy Please. :)

As for sodas, I don't drink any and it helped me to drop 40 lbs at one time. I have since gained 20 of it back from being inactive. I wish you well on your weight loss journey.

Denise said...

I could use some of that energy too! I'm not much of a diet soda drinker. We hardly ever even get sodas anymore, but I have a 6 pk. of cream soda in the fridge right now. Every now and then, it's a treat!