Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sept 20th Fun times at the Binbrook Fair

I love fairs so once again David and I spent a day at  the fair; the Binbrook Fair. It's a small fair but I like it.
 My POTD is of the owner (L. Watson) giving her Alpacas a treat right from her mouth!

 These Alpacas are so cute and gentle.

  We also saw the horse pulls and they were great. You can see by the horses stance how much weight they are pulling.


Denise said...

Great pics! You're right, the alpacas are very cute, but I don't think I'd be feeding them like that!

shaZZa said...

OMG I thought the alpacas Spat ??

debbieb said...

Those baby alpacas are cute...looks like that fair would be fun.