Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gotta have my Kit.

Jan 28th

Today's picture is of my "basic supplies" scrapbooking kit. It is loaded with everything I use on every project. You know scissors, glues, pens and the list goes on and on.It also spins to make it easier for finding things. Whenever I go to a crop or class this is what I grab. Weighs a ton but hey, you never know what I'm going to need.


pammie~k said...

grat pic - I have one of those, but mine is filled with a few tools and adhesives - I think I need to take a picture a week or every few weeks of things like this.

jandokan said...

I love this picture... I have to take a picture of mine... and yeah it's oh so heavy :P
So sorry to know that I'm not able to take it with me when I'll come over in August!!

Hugs Anja
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